Pianta Grow Light and Enna Plug-in Ceiling Pendant Bundle


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✅ Grow Any Plants Anywhere

✅ Enhanced Growth - 30% increase using targeted light spectrum

✅ Energy-efficient & Cost-saving - Powered by cutting-edge Samsung LED technology

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Experience the benefits of being surrounded by green, no matter how much natural light you have. The Pianta grow light will make your plants thrive.

The grow light follows best practices from professional growers. Using the latest LED technology, It focuses on the wavelengths which plants use most efficiently while appearing white to the eye.

The Enna Pendant pairs perfectly with the Pianta bulb, you can set it up without a complicated installation. 

What's included in the bundle?

• Power Consumption: 18W

• Colour Temperature: 3,500k

• Beam Angle: 60°

• Base: E27 Screw fit

• PPF: 33.1 μmol/sec

• Lumens: 2,366

• Not Dimmable

•Estimated life span: 50,000 Hours

•5m textile coated cable

•White thermoplastic lamp holder

90 Day Risk Free Trial

We offer a 90 Day Risk Free Trial on the Pianta grow light and pendant bundle. If you're not completely happy with the Pianta we will refund you the full amount, including delivery charges, and provide a return label at our cost.

We also offer a two year warranty for peace of mind, we stand behind our products.

Boost Plant Health & Growth in 3 Simple Steps

  • Easy Installation

    Set up the pendant above your plants and screw in the Pianta grow light.

  • Plug & Play Lighting

    Easily adjust your plant's daily lighting by turning the Pianta on for 8-16 hours to mimic the sun's natural cycle.

    If your plants already receive natural light, use the Pianta for a few hours daily to provide an extra boost.

  • Happy, Healthy Plants

    No more dead or struggling plants!

    Experience the difference as your plants grow strong, vibrant, and full of life, enhancing your indoor space.

Enhance your living space

The Pianta grow light is remarkably effective, but it also looks good!

It emits a natural, warm light that complements your home or office décor.

Maximising photosynthesis

Engineered to optimise plant growth, the Pianta is powerful with a PPF of 33.1 μmol/sec

PPF (photosynthetic Photon flux) is a measurement of how much light is emitted within a range of wavelengths which are most useful for plant growth and photosynthesis. The Pianta maximises the PPF.

Low costs

Pianta only uses 18W and is one of the most efficient grow lights on the market, boasting a PPF/W of 1.84

Efficiency of grow lights is measured in Photon Flux per watt (PPF/W), this measurement determines how well a light can deliver the required amount of light for the least amount of energy.

The approximate cost to run is 7.3 pence a day assuming the cost of electricity is 34p kWh and running for 12 hours.

Full spectrum LED

Full spectrum lights better stimulate photosynthesis and look more natural. 

The Pianta emits a precise spectrum to help plants grow healthier and accelerate all growth stages.

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