What is the PPFD of the Pianta Grow Light?

Lorenzo Cadoux-Hudson

Introducing our latest chart that maps out the Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) of our Pianta grow lights at various heights! What is PPFD? It's a fancy way of saying how much light your plants...

What are the best grow lights for houseplants? - LEDs vs Fluorescent grow lights

James Taylor
Read this short guide on the differences between LED and fluorescent grow lights, in this simple cross-comparison, we share the secrets about each and give you everything you need to know about LED and fluorescent grow lights, including the nitty gritty facts and figures you'll love and our opinion on which one we think is right for you! Check it out now.

Practical Guide On Measuring Light

Arian Borhani

Sure, you can set your grow light at the recommended height and adjust based on the feedback you are receiving from your plants, but why settle for this when you can achieve optimal results!? To...