Grow Stronger, Healthier Seedlings Indoors

Do your seedlings need a boost?

Struggling with seedlings that grow long and leggy? Or finding it impossible to start seedlings indoors?

You are not alone, it is a common issue as seedlings need plenty of light to thrive and grow into robust plants. 

Introducing the Pianta Grow Light

The Pianta grow light will make sure your plants thrive, it has been designed with a precise photosynthetic spectrum which mimics natural sunlight and promotes healthy strong growth.

Maximising growth: Pianta's cutting-edge technology replicates the photosynthetic light spectrum, ensuring your plants get the right kind of light for optimal growth.

Cosy warm light: Made for living spaces, Pianta’s inviting glow blends seamlessly into any space, making it a stylish addition to your home décor.

Durability and Reliability: Constructed with robust aluminium housing, Pianta has an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours. It's not just a grow light; it's a long-term investment for your indoor garden.

Customisable to Your Style: Whether you screw it into an existing fixture or you pair it with our specially designed fixtures, Pianta offers the flexibility to suit your unique taste.

 4.8 (84 reviews)

Setting up the Pianta

How to set it up for best results, in a couple of simple steps. 

Position your Pianta grow light 20-30cm above the soil where your seedlings have just begun to emerge.

A daily light cycle of 12-16 hours under Pianta's glow ensures your seedlings grow up strong, vibrant, and healthy, regardless of the weather outside or the natural light available in your home.

If you already have a good amount of natural light keeping the Pianta on for a few hours can ensure your seedlings thrive, a boost in the evening will also create a nice ambient light in your home!

“I love, love, love these lights! My plants are going crazy and the lights give a lovely warm glow to my rooms.

— Pauline

Experience the Difference with Pianta

"Damn these are bright! Can fill a room on its own. Ordered these as my plants don't get enough sunlight here in the UK and they went dull due to hibernation. Now my plants flourish like it's spring again!"

Verified Buyer

"This is my 3rd PIANTA light and I could not praise them enough how beneficial they are to my plants. The light is a decent size, very well made and aesthetically pleasing. You will not regret it. 😊👍🏻⭐️"

Verified Buyer

"A fantastic light. My alocasias are putting out new leaves within 2 weeks of having this light. All my plants are benefitting from it and producing new growth. Super easy to fit bulb into existing light. The light is bright but not too dazzling works perfectly in any room. Extremely happy plants extremely happy customer!"

Verified Buyer

Pianta LED Grow Light Bulb

Now just £35

Screw it into a traditional fixture that matches your style, and your good to go!

 4.8 (84 reviews)

90 Day Risk Free Trial

Unsure which light fitting to pair with your Pianta Light?
No problem!

We offer popular bundle options that
 include fittings made for the Pianta:

Most Popular



Adjustable Floor Lamp Bundle

 4.8 (44 reviews)

The height can be adjusted so you can change the height for different plants or adjust it as your plants grow.

Save 10%



Pendant Bundle

 4.9 (39 reviews)

The Enna Pendant pairs perfectly with the Pianta bulb, you can set it up without a complicated installation and suspend it above your seedlings.

Save 10%



Clip On Bundle

 4.6 (21 reviews)

The bundle includes the Stelo gooseneck bulb holder, a sturdy and sleek clip-on fixture for the Pianta.