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5 Reasons to choose the Pianta grow light for your Indoor garden

Here's why the Pianta LED Grow Light Bulb is a must-have this winter.

1. Transform any space green

The Pianta grow light makes it possible to grow any plant in any indoor space, regardless of how much natural light you have.

By providing the ideal lighting conditions with its full spectrum technology, it promotes healthy plant growth and photosynthesis, allowing you to create a thriving green space anywhere in your home.

No more dead or struggling plants.

2. Maximising Photosynthesis

Using cutting-edge Samsung LEDs, the Pianta delivers a precise spectrum of light.

This ensures optimal photosynthesis, supporting all stages of plant growth from seedling to flowering, leading to a 30% increase in growth.

3. Quality that you can trust

The Pianta is built to last with a solid aluminium body and a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

With a 2-Year warranty and a 90 day risk-free trial, its a product you can depend on. 

4. A warm colour tone for living areas

The Pianta emits a natural, warm light that complements your home or office décor. 

It fits into traditional fittings, so you can use it in a fitting that matches your style, making it both a functional and stylish addition. 

5. Join thousands of other happy Indoor Gardeners

Join the community of thousands of happy customers who have experienced remarkable improvements in their plants health and growth.

We want to help the community of plant enthusiasts. Feel free to reach out to us at hi@grow-gang.com for personalised support, any questions on grow light set ups, or just if you want to say hi! 

Experience the Grow Gang Difference

"Damn these are bright! Can fill a room on its own. Ordered these during winter as my plants don't get enough sunlight here in the UK and they went dull due to hibernation. Now my plants flourish like it's spring again!"

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"This is my 3rd PIANTA light and I could not praise them enough how beneficial they are to my plants. The light is a decent size, very well made and aesthetically pleasing. You will not regret it. 😊👍🏻⭐️"

Verified Buyer

"A fantastic light. My alocasias are putting out new leaves within 2 weeks of having this light. All my plants are benefitting from it and producing new growth. Super easy to fit bulb into existing light. The light is bright but not too dazzling works perfectly in any room. Extremely happy plants extremely happy customer!"

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Pianta LED Grow Light Bulb

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