Taking cuttings or 'propagating' plants is a very easy and cheap way to grow new baby plants from your existing plants. It is a very useful technique for indoor growers and will work with most plants.

  • Cut the plant just below a node (the point on the stem where branches and leaves grow out from), it can be beneficial to cut it at a 45 degree angle (it will be able to take up more water and nutrients from the larger surface area of the cut.)
  • Cut off any leaves and stems at the bottom of the cutting, to prevent any being underwater, this also allows the cutting to focus its energy on root growth rather than leaf growth.
  • You can dip your cutting in rooting hormone, this is absolutley not essential but will help the roots grow faster and healthier.
  • Place the cutting so the bottom of the stem is submerged in fresh clean water in a jar/glass.
  • Refill the container with fresh water when it starts going green, this will be algae starting to grow in the water.
  • Wait until the roots grow to an inch or two, this may take a month or more so be patient!
  • Carefully place the cutting into soil, make sure to water well with some nutrients straight after potting it.
If you'd like to learn more about pruning, follow some trusted guides below to learn more and grow an evergreen indoor paradise!

Written by Lorenzo Cadoux-Hudson

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