Pianta Grow Light and Adjustable Floor Lamp Bundle


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☑️ Grow Any Plants Anywhere

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☑️ Save Electricity - Latest Samsung LED Technology

☑️ Height adjustable for when your plants grow

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Experience the benefits of being surrounded by green, no matter how much natural light you have.

Using the latest horticultural LED technology from Samsung, the Pianta grow light makes your plants thrive, emitting a natural, warm light that complements your home or office decor at the same time.

The light stand pairs perfectly with the grow light, it can be adjusted so you can change the height for different plants or adjust it as your plants grow.

What's included in the bundle?

Pianta Grow Light:

• Power Consumption: 18W

• Colour Temperature: 3,500k

• Beam Angle: 60°

• Base: E27 Screw fit

• PPF: 33.1 μmol/sec

• Lumens: 2,366

• Not Dimmable

•Estimated life span: 50,000 Hours

Floor Lamp:

•Sturdy metal build

•Minimum total height: 1m

•Maximum total height: 1.7m

Thriving and healthy plants in three simple steps

  • Effortlessly install

    Screw the Pianta bulb in, and set it up above your plants.

  • Set a schedule

    An automatic timer is included in the bundle!

    Switch it on for 8-16 hours a day to mimic the sun, or just a couple of hours to top up natural light.

  • Happy Plants

    No more dead plants! Watch them flourish and enhance your space.

Maximising Photosynthesis

Engineered to optimize plant growth, the Pianta is powerful with a high PAR of 97%, and a PPF of 33.1!

PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) is a measurement of light emission within the Photosynthetic wavelength range of 400-700nm. Light generated within this spectrum enables plants to receive more light, allowing the plant to grow and photosynthesize.

Saving Energy

Pianta is one of the most efficient and powerful grow lights on the market, boasting a umol/j of 33.1 and PPF/W of 1.84.

Efficiency of grow lights are measured in Photon Flux per watt and this measurement determines how well a light can deliver the required amount of light for the least amount of energy.

Low Costs

Pianta only uses 18W and has a high lifespan of 50,000 hours.

The approximate cost to run is 7.3 pence a day assuming the cost of electricity is 34p kWh and running for 12 hours. Compared to other grow lights, Pianta has a high lifespan and will function for 50,000 hours with no need for replacement.

Full Spectrum LED

Pianta has a 437 nm peak wavelength, perfect for growing any plants indoors, boosting crop yields and maximising nutritional values for herbs

Full spectrum lights better stimulate photosynthesis by emitting a unique spectrum to help plants grow healthier and accelerate all growth stages.

Natural to the eyes

Pianta emits a natural, warm light that complement your home décor with a Kelvin of 3,400K.

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