Pianta LED Grow Light Bulb : Dimmable E27


✅ Grow Any Plants Anywhere

✅ Enhanced Growth : 30% increase using targeted light spectrum

✅ Energy-efficient & Cost-saving : Powered by cutting-edge Samsung LED technology

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Experience the benefits of being surrounded by green, no matter how much natural light you have in your home.

Using the latest horticultural LED technology from Samsung, the Pianta grow light helps your plants thrive, emitting a natural, warm light that complements your home or office decor at the same time.

Pianta is powerful, energy-efficient and easy to install; simply screw it into a traditional lighting fixture and you're good to go. 

This is the dimmable version, compatible with a dimmable wall switch, AC adapter, smart plug, and most other dimmable technology. (Dimmer not included)

Note: Floor lamp or pendant not included


• Solid Aluminium Body

• Power Consumption: 18W

• Colour Temperature: 3,400k

• Beam Angle: 60°

• Base: E27 Screw fit or B22 Bayonet

• PPF: 33.1 μmol/sec

• PPFD: Check out our blog

• Lumens: 2,366

• Weight: 350g

• Compatible with dimmable wall switches, smart plugs or other dimmable technology.

•Estimated life span: 50,000 Hours

•Maximum diameter: 9.5cm, product height: 13cm

90 Day Risk Free Trial

We offer a 90 Day Risk Free Trial on the Pianta grow light bulb. If you're not completely happy with the Pianta we will refund you the full amount, including delivery charges, and provide a return label at our cost.

We also offer a two year warranty for peace of mind, we stand behind our products.

Boost Plant Health & Growth in 3 Simple Steps

  • Pianta grow light

    Easy Installation

    Simply screw the Pianta bulb into any standard socket and aim it at your plants for targeted light.

  • Switching on the Pianta grow light

    Plug & Play Lighting

    Easily adjust your plant's daily lighting by turning the Pianta on for 8-16 hours to mimic the sun's natural cycle.

    If your plants already receive natural light, use the Pianta for a few hours daily to provide an extra boost.

  • Pianta grow light set up above a monstera

    Happy, Healthy Plants

    No more dead or struggling plants! Experience the difference as your plants grow strong, vibrant, and full of life, enhancing your indoor space.

Pianta grow light bulb set up above a monstera plant

Enhance your living space

The Pianta grow light bulb is remarkably effective, but it also looks good!

It emits a natural, warm light that complements your home or office décor. It fits into traditional fittings, so you can use it in a fitting that matches your style.

Table showing technical specifications, PPF is 33.1 and PPF/W is 1.84, Lumens is 2,366

Maximising photosynthesis

Engineered to optimise plant growth, the Pianta is powerful with a PPF of 33.1 μmol/sec

PPF (photosynthetic Photon flux) is a measurement of how much light is emitted within a range of wavelengths which are most useful for plant growth and photosynthesis. The Pianta maximises the PPF.

PPF is not to be confused with PPFD which is the intensity at a specific distance, for more information on this go here

Graphic showing Energy rating is A and that it is tested in a UK lab

Energy-efficient & Cost-saving

Pianta only uses 18W and is one of the most efficient grow lights on the market, boasting a PPF/W of 1.84

Efficiency of grow lights is measured in Photon Flux per watt (PPF/W), this measurement determines how well it can deliver light for the least amount of energy.

The approximate cost to run is 6 pence a day assuming the cost of electricity is 27p kWh and running for 12 hours.

Graph plotting the Light Intensity vs Wavelength

Full spectrum LED

Full spectrum lights better stimulate photosynthesis and look more natural. 

The Pianta emits a precise spectrum to help plants grow healthier and accelerate all growth stages.

Discover our versatile bundle options:

Unsure which light fitting to pair with your Pianta Light? No problem!

Our Pianta Light is designed for standard lamp fittings, allowing you to choose a light fitting that suits your interior design style.

We also offer popular bundle options featuring our fixtures, save 10% on these bundle deals! 


Pianta Grow Light and Stelo Clip-On Bulb Holder

+ FREE Shipping!

Included in the bundle:

x1 Pianta Light

1x Stelo Gooseneck Clip On bulb Holder

The flexible and sturdy gooseneck design allows for easy and precise adjustment of light direction.

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90-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Included in the bundle:

x1 Pianta Light

x1 Plug-in Pendant lamp with 5m textile cable

x2 wall fairleads, to attach the cable neatly to your wall 

x1 Ceiling hook to suspend the light above your plants

No hardwiring is required, but a drill and screwdriver are needed to install the fairleads and ceiling hooks.

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Pianta and Adjustable Floor Lamp

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Included in the bundle:

x1 Pianta Light

x1 Adjustable Floor Lamp

x1 Plug in Timer

It can be adjusted from a minimum total height of 1 meter to a maximum height of 1.7m, allowing you to move the grow light up as your plants grow!

Save 10%



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90-Day Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently asked questions

How long should grow lights be on for?

This will depend on the type of plant you are growing and on how much natural light your plants are getting. As a rough rule of thumb to effectively mimic the sun's natural light it should be on for 8- 16 hours a day however if there is already a lot of natural light, it can be used for just a few hours a day to top up the light and keep the plant thriving.

Even plants need a good nights sleep! Make sure not to run the light for longer than 16 hours a day so your plants can rest.