Grow Guide - Nasturtium

How To Start: Sow after your last frost directly where they are to flower, or 6 weeks prior in the greenhouse. Unlike most plants, nasturtiums thrive in poor soil making them a great choice for many gardens.

Sow the seeds 1.5cm deep, around 10cm apart.

Temperature: 10-15°C

Light: At least 12 hours per day. For growing indoors, Start your plant at 12 hours of light per day using our Pianta grow light  and Increase to 16 hours a day over the first month.

Decrease to 10 hours per day over the second month.

Watering & Care: Only water when the soil is dry and grow at the front of a border, up an obelisk, as companion planting on the veg patch or spilling over the edge of raised beds and pots.

Fertiliser: Not needed

Pests: Grow as companion plants with cucumbers and tomatoes to repel pests.

Height: Up to 30cm (12in)

Time Of Growth: 3-4 months

How To Use: Use flowers for drink and cake decoration.

Is It Toxic To Pets? No

Nutritional Values:

for 100 g of product

Potassium: - mg

Phosphorus: - mg

Calcium: - mg

Sodium: - mg

Iron: - mg