Grow Guide - Calendula

How To Start: Start seeds indoors 6 weeks before your last frost date. When germinated, move to the greenhouse or cold frame and plant outside when temps are consistently above 5℃

Temperature: 10-15℃ for germination.

Light: Adaptable, can be grown in full sun or shade. For growing indoors, Start your plant at 12 hours of light per day using a grow light, then increase to 16 hours per day over the first month.

Decrease to 10 hours per day over the second month.

Watering & Care: Only water occasionally after plants are established is the secret to growing prolific calendula plants. Prefers cool temps. Deadhead the plants regularly for continuous blooms

Fertiliser: Not required

Pests: Elderly plants suffer from powdery mildew and other fungal ailments. It’s best to send them to the compost pile and grow fresh replacement plants in a new place.

Height: Up to 15 inches

Time Of Growth: Spring through to late summer

How To Use: Calendula blossoms are edible and can be used to bring orange colour to rice or potato dishes, or snip them onto soups or salads for extra flavour and nutrition. Use clean scissors to snip off petal tips, and compost the rest.

Is It Toxic To Pets? Edible and non-toxic

Nutritional Values:

for 100 g of product

Potassium: - 0 mg

Phosphorus: - 0 mg

Calcium: - 0 mg

Sodium: - 0 mg

Iron: - 0 mg