Sure, you can set your grow light at the recommended height and adjust based on the feedback you are receiving from your plants, but why settle for this when you can achieve optimal results!? To take your set up to the next level, you’ll want to use a Daily Light Integral calculator.

Here’s is a practical guide on how you can use the DLI calculator in just a few easy steps:

First: Use a PAR light metre to identify any areas of low light intensity. You can download reliable light metre apps like "Photon Grow Light Meter" for your iPhone to get accurate PPFD readings.


Second: Head to the website:

and enter the name of your plant, PPFD reading and the number of hours your grow light is on for. The calculator will then tell you whether your plants are receiving enough light.

Third: Keep in mind, while a lot of light can boost growth and enhance your plants' health, there is a tipping point where more light doesn't necessarily equate to better results. So, stay attuned to your plants' unique requirements and let the DLI calculator guide you in achieving the ideal balance of light for your thriving indoor oasis.


Written by Arian Borhani

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