Enna Plug-in Ceiling Pendant with 5m Textile Cable and Ceiling hook


Elevate your indoor garden with the Enna plug-in ceiling pendant, the perfect fitting for your Pianta grow light bulb. Its modern and sleek design complements any indoor garden setup while providing a reliable and adjustable source of light that will help your plants thrive.

With its adjustable height design, you can customise the distance between the light and your plants, helping your plants reach their full potential.

What is included: 

  • E27 fit pendant lamp with switch and 5m textile cable
  • two wall fairleads, to attach the cable neatly to your wall 
  • One ceiling hook (swag hook), to suspend the light above your plants.


Pianta light bulb not included

No hard wiring is required, but a drill and screwdriver are needed to install the fairleads and ceiling hooks. 

Color: White
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  • Thermoplastic lamp
    holder with switch
  • 5m premium textile
    coated wire
  • Comes with one
    ceiling hook and two wall fixtures
  • Lamp shade