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Plants can really improve any space, making it much more pleasant and inviting.  Lighting is the most important factor for a healthy plant. 

How Long Should Grow Lights be on for?

This will depend on the type of plant you are growing and on how much natural light your plants are getting, so it will vary depending on where you live and what time of the year it is. As a very rough rule of thumb to effectively mimic the sun's natural light it should be on for 8 - 16 hours a day however if there is already a lot of natural light, it can be used for just a few hours a day to top up the light and keep the plant thriving.

Even plants need a good nights sleep! Make sure not to run the light for longer than 16 hours a day so your plants can rest.

How can I tell if my plant isn't getting enough light?

Common signs your plants are not getting enough light:

  • Slow or no growth
  • Lighter leaf colour
  • Smaller new leaves
  • Older leaves dying

The Pianta Grow Light will ensure they have enough light.

How far should grow lights be from plants?

The Light should be pointing directly at your plants. The closer the light is to your plant the more light it will receive, move the light further away and it will receive less light but cover a larger surface area so you can grow more plants. Be careful not to keep the light too close as it can burn the plant, between 0.5m - 1.2m is a good distance.



What Light Fittings can I use with the Pianta Grow Light?

Pianta fits any E27 Screw fitting, so you can choose any light fitting you want to match your style. Check out our blog post for suggestions on Light fittings.

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