Grow Light Fittings and Fixtures

You can use grow lights to grow any plants indoors; you can grow exciting and exotic plants anywhere in the house and not just be restricted to your windowsills. However it can be difficult to decide what light fitting to use with a grow light bulb.
When looking for a grow light fitting we recommend:
  • That it is sturdy
  • Adjustable, so you can change the height for different plants or adjust it as your plants grow
  • Compatible (for the Pianta Grow Light you will need a standard E27 screw fit)
We have put together a few suggestions based on what we currently use and have tried out!

Snake Plug in Pendant with Ceiling Hook
This is our favourite set up. It gives a simple minimalistic look. The Snake pendant is suspended above the plants at the desired height using a ceiling hook. The 5m cable is fabric coated. It avoids the complicated installation which a pendant light would normally need, however it does require a drill, to install the ceiling hook and the wall fairleads to ensure the cable sits neatly on the wall. 

Pianta Light in the snake ceiling pendant suspended over a monstera plant

Pianta Adjustable Floor Lamp

This is a sleek addition to any living area, it pairs perfectly with the grow light and can be adjusted from a minimum total height of 1 meter to a maximum height of 1.7m, allowing you to move the grow light up as your plants grow!

Versanora Floor Lamp
A very nice clean style with an industrial edge. it is heavy, stable and you can easily adjust the height depending on your plants needs. 

Floor lamp with Pianta bulb, lighting orchids
Living room set up with a table, books, fruit and plants lit up by the pianta light in a floor standing lamp stand
These are just a few of our lamps and lights for your best e indoor garden, if you want to learn more go here. 
Written by Lorenzo Cadoux-Hudson

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