This indoor growing project uses a simple Hydroponics technique called the 'Krakty method', we used it to grow baby gem lettuce, but It can be used to grow many different plants. It is much faster than growing in soil and is a lot easier once set up as you don’t need to water it.

What you will need
  • We used a H&M Vase - this one is a bit larger than the one shown in the video but will still work really well > Vase option
  • Hydroponics Nutrients - any will work however we have had amazing results using Shogun Samurai Grow Nutrients- >Check Prices
  • Pipette for measuring the nutrients
  • Scissors or knife to cut the rockwool
  • Lettuce seedling, or other plant seedlings will work fine, such as basil, spinach, Kale, and most herbs

How to do it

  • Fill the vase with water and Hydroponics nutrients, the recommended concentration of nutrients will vary depending on the nutrients brand used 
  • Place the net cup in the vase opening
  • Make a cut in the rockwool cube, across the longer edge 
  • Gently remove your seedling from the soil and wash the roots so they are clean, be careful it is very easy to damage the roots at this point!
  • Place the seedling in the rockwool cube so some of the roots come out of the bottom, then place this in the netcup. 
  • Top up the vase with nutrients solution so the water just touches the bottom of the roots/ the netcup
  • Make sure it is placed somewhere which gets a lot of sun or under a grow lamp
  • Leave it and after about a month you will have a fully grown lettuce!

Topping up the nutrient solution

  • If you are using a small vase you may need to top it up with water after a while, if the plant uses up all of the water before it is fully grown
  • You will be able to tell if it is almost out of water when it starts shriveling and drooping
  • Add some water with half strength nutrients, as the water remaining in the vase will have high concentrations of some nutrients, it is best not to overload it with full strength nutrients
  • Only top up with a small amount of water, if you top it up all the way to the top the plant will die, this is because the roots need to take in oxygen, so they must only be partially submerged in water
  • If you're struggling w watering, follow this helpful guide here.

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Written by Lorenzo Cadoux-Hudson

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