Hydro Herbs Kit : Grow fresh herbs without soil


These clever kits are a great introduction to Hydroponics (growing without soil). Grow fresh organic herbs all year round.

The Kits contain all you need to start growing, just add water! They have enough organic hydroponics nutrients to grow your herbs for approximately two years.
Watering couldn't be easier, the wick brings water and nutrients to the plant, just top up the water when needed.
Made in the UK from re-purposed wine bottles, every part is either recycled or biodegradable.


How long can I wait before setting up the kit?

Providing the kits are kept away from extreme temperatures they can be stored before use for up to 18 months. 

How long will the kit last?

There is enough hydroponic fluid in the kit to last for around two years, and if you let the plants get established before you harvest they will recover quickly, ready for another harvest. We have a basil plant that has been growing continuously for two years!

Where shall I set up the kit?

The kits are best placed on a bright windowsill so they can get lots of light. They will grow all year round although faster in the summer with more light. If you don’t have a lot of natural light consider using a grow light for your herbs to really thrive and shoot up!

How often will I need to refill the water?

On average you have around two weeks between water refills (and even longer when they are young) great if you’re going away!