Grow Guide - Microgreens

How To Start: Soak seeds for 6-8 hours, then place in a container and spread out the seeds. Cover and place near a window. 

Temperature: Room temperature, between 18-24℃

Light: 4-8 hours of sunlight or 8 to 10 hours per day is recommended for growing indoors using our Pianta grow light.

Watering & Care: When you see the seeds starting to sprout, remove the lid and water daily.

Fertiliser: Not needed

Pests: ‘dampening off’ may occur when the seeds don’t have enough circulation.

Height: Around 2 inches tall.

Time Of Growth: 8-25 days

How To Use: Eat raw with salad or use as a garnish for any dish.

Is It Toxic To Pets? No

Nutritional Values:

for 100 g of product

Potassium: - 298 mg

Phosphorus: - 66 mg

Calcium: - 88 mg

Sodium: - 11 mg

Iron: - 16 mg