Grow Guide - Chard

How To Start: Sow Swiss chard seeds thinly outdoors where they are to grow, approximately 1.5cm deep. Cover seeds with soil and water well. Sow in rows 40cm apart. You can sow chard from March to September.

Temperature: Cool weather is preferred, between 5-25℃

Light: If planting indoors, use our Pianta grow light for 12 to 14 hours per day.

Watering & Care: As the seedlings begin to grow, thin out the plants so that they’re 25-30cm apart. Water well after thinning. Sow seeds every few weeks for a continuous crop.

Cut individual leaves as you need them and the plant will keep producing new growth.

Fertiliser: Slow-release nitrogen fertiliser.

Pests: Slugs and snails, beet leaf miner.

Height: Two ft

Time Of Growth: The fully-formed leaves will be ready to harvest about 10-12 weeks after sowing,

How To Use: Can be blanched or boiled, great for soups or as an alternative to Spinach.

Is It Toxic To Pets? Safe for pets

Nutritional Values:

for 100 g of product

Potassium: - 379 mg

Phosphorus: - 46 mg

Calcium: - 51 mg

Sodium: - 213 mg

Iron: - 1.8 mg